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New Release

"Strange Phenomena" - Five tracks captured live in Tokyo plus five studio cuts. Rockin' Blues meets industrial strength guitar playing. Also available at:

Download Strange Phenomena from:

"Again, Chris makes the art of guitar playing seem effortless. A no holds barred, in your face, work of art. And that just describes my least favorite track on the CD. Think 'Texas Flood' meets 'Second Winter'." -Brent Bradley, Podshow Radio
"Re-energising the genre, Juergensen's newest release is a typhoon of raw energy, pure and honest blues rock at its finest. Just what 11 on the dial was waiting for." -Colin Meeks, Indie Launchpad
"Listening to Chris Juergensen play brings a smile to my face, it makes me feel good. So much so, I have trouble calling it 'Blues', I prefer to call it near audio perfection." -Eban Crawford, Reaching For Lucidity


Big Bad Sun
"Big Bad Sun" - Traditional in nature, contemporary in sound, Chris Juergensen's Big Bad Sun is a bold departure from the blues you may be familiar with. Passionate guitar playing, good story telling plus crystalline production makes this CD destined to become a true, modern day, blues classic. Beautifully rendered and performed, guitar lovers will want to make this CD a part of their everyday collection.
"Chris is a phenomenal talent head to toe. 'Big Bad Sun' unleashes an unabashed dirty low down blues side of him that has you stompin' your feet to a killer variety of grooves. And prepare to stand back as the guitar speaks to you, alternatively ripping your head off and then caressing you." - Jennifer Batten
"Another beautiful cd from Chris Juergensen. This recording has a serious blues vibe. Chris sings and plays his ass off on this one." - Mike Stern.

"Big Bad Sun" Can also be purchased from:


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The Infinite Guitar

"The Infinite Guitar" - By popular demand, the lessons on this site have finally been made into a 266 page book. Available at >>>

The Empowered Musician
The Empowered Musician
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"The Empowered Musician" - Learn the steps you need to take to make music your career. Subjects include: building and maintaining your website, recording and releasing your own music, marketing on a tight budget, selling from your site and through internet retailers, digital distribution, royalties, publishing, personal finance and more. This book will pay for itself with one CD sale. Available at >>>

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