From Gods of Music:

"Warm and sublime, like a lover's soft kiss on the cheek, this is the impression I got from Chris Juergensen's composition "When Love Greets You". Beautifully performed and recorded, this is an enjoyable and relaxing piece of music."

"Juergensen displays a supple, graceful approach to the guitar, at times floating and then darting about in a playful and sincere manner. The recording notes on his website describe this as "a blatant love song", and I found his sense of love very evident in his playing."

"Backing Juergensen is a tasteful trio: Dale James on bass, Touru Nakashima with some delicate and sweet electric piano textures, and Tetsuya Hoshiyama using brushes on drums to stay appropriately lithe and understated. "

"My only minor gripe would be that I found the bass a bit buried in the mix; I would have enjoyed hearing the bass a little more clearly present in the overall sound. But otherwise, I would say this recording achieves very well what Juergensen set out to accomplish, displaying his heart on his sleeve with no reservation - nothing shrill or flashy, all just soft and tender, while still clearly skillful and accomplished. When a pretty piece of soft jazz is called for, I can't imagine anything working better than "When Love Greets You" - Gods of Music, Chris Aranosian

From Abtractlogix:

"Certainly one of the best records we have heard this year, this native New Yorker and currently the Director of Education at Tokyo School of Music creates a beautiful landscape with surreal and uncommon melodies throughout the record. Chris Juergensen's playing reflects articulate compositions, beatutiful phrasings in the lineage of Wayne Krantz and Pat Metheny. Surprisingly enough, the record was made in only two days with different sessions player contributing. Tetsuya Hoshiyama's brush playing is subtle and appropriate. A great record to listen to at any time." - Abstractlogix

From fusion legend, Mike Stern:

"Chris Juergensen is a dedicated and sincere musician who plays from the heart. This comes through on his new CD, Prospects" -Mike Stern

Radio station, Progressive Soundscapes:

"One Word: Stunning" -Kenny Solomon,

From the fusion site, Prognosis:

"Prospects is his first release, it is entirely instrumental, and dwells in the mellower moods of jazz, he plays in a similar manner as the likes of Metheny, Stern, Krantz, & Scofield. That is to say, that his tone on the guitar is very clean, distortion free, with a heavy focus on improvisation. His technique is very clean, and he shows a versatile chord vocabulary as he comps his way through the oft changing progressions in his music."

"He has stated that this cd was recorded in studio, with a live feel, with minimal rehearsals, and hardly an overdub to be found. This is a surprising fact, to have created such a lush and expressive musical statement as this, seemingly would have required more than a couple rehearsals, yet the music sounds very refined, and the sound quality is very clear. He also made a note to tell me that this cd would represent his jazzier side of fusion, and he also has plans to create some rock influenced fusion cds in the near future, and in listening to his playing skills, I certainly look forward to hearing him doing that, as well as getting an opportunity to get a respectable amount of time in studio to complete it."

"Prospects is a very relaxing listen, great late night music to kick back to, and Chris' playing soothes your mind, setting up solo spots with articulated melodies, and just the right amount of ambiance from his band members. It should be noted that this type of fusion is not anything like the style made famous by such guitarists as - John McLaughlin, Scott Henderson or Al DiMeola, where speed, volume, and technical arrangements are the focal points, this music is more in line with what players like Wayne Krantz, John Scofield, or Mike Stern have been doing, very east coast sounding with a huge jazz influence" -MJBrady, Prognosis

From the Spanish Jazz site, Grandes Del Jazz Contemporaneo:

On this record, I listened to a musician with his own personality and style, an innovator in a way, a rare virtue nowadays. This is very true of all the musicians on the CD , especially Chris himself. His guitar and music sounds softly, very melodious. With a bit of reverb effect applied to his electric guitar, and with the good company of his Japanese musicians whom accompany him in a correct way, he has obtained a disc that is most intimate with plenty of finesse.

It is pleasant music, with plenty of its own personal touch. I wish the best to this great musician and guitarist, and I encourage anyone who enjoys jazz and contemporary music to listen him, and I would like that you will find yourself pleasantly surprised, like me. - Grandes Del Jazz Contemporaneo, Sabino Espinel Castrodeza

From Gods of Music:

"Prospects, the opening piece on Chris Juergensen's similarly titled new release, provides a unique sound. A sound like water; fluid and reflective, constantly moving."

"It took me a few sessions with Prospects to appreciate its elegance in simplicity. After acquainting myself with the supportive elements of this piece - the percussion and oh-so-subtle bass and keys - and then going back and focusing on Juergensen's guitar playing, I was able to finally hear the piece as it is: a straightforward, natural and fun instrumental."

"Lush guitar chords tumble throughout the piece, courting the percussion, bass and keys like a dragonfly over the waters. Fully clean and free from any distortion, Juergensen presents a playing style wholly his own. Prospects is one of the most unique sounding pieces I have heard in some time, a positive merit that many contemporary instrumentals lack. There is an innate freshness about it."

"Prospects is an excellent example of Juergensen's ability to perform. It's hard to believe the piece was done with minimal rehearsal and in such a short period. Fusion lovers will eat this up. Excellent work" - Gods of Music, Christopher Farmer


PROSPECTS features the guitar work and jazz compositions of Chris Juergensen. The songs are unusual, and each song has a special jazz motif.

The CD collection has 7 songs. The songs include "Prospects," "When Love Greets You," "Shepherd Moon," "Where Spirits Dance," among others. Touru Nakashima reveals some very nice piano stylings and is a nice addition to the song performances.

For something different, the jazz listening audience will find the contemporary jazz guitar stylings of Chris Juergensen refreshing, and the music enjoyable.

For a debut recording, this CD is well-crafted and enjoyable listening, the solo work at its finest. PROSPECTS is entertaining. -Lee Prosser,


Chris Juergensen gives a stellar performance of a stylish song with subtle grace, yet also with a playfulness that creates a mood just warm enough for love. The improv is creative and delightful. Forced to find faults, I would say the song could use a little more variety. The organ feature--also excellently performed--satisfies this to some extent, but I can't help but sense a little more repitition than I prefer. Otherwise, the entire ensemble is world class. Expect to hear this artist on smooth jazz radio stations. Any fusion lover will be adding this to their collection. -