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Chords and their Symbols pt.1 - Readin', writin' and makin' them chords.
Chords and their Symbols pt.2 - Bigger, scarier chords.
Slash Chords - Didn't mean to superimpose on you.
The Rules of Chord Construction - Start building some chords.(11/02)
Guide to Proper Voiceleading - What does Bach and Robert Johnson have in common?
0pen String Chord Voicings - Put some air in your chords.
Everything About Dominant Chords - Where they come from, how to make 'em.
The ii - V - I Chord Progression - Playing the perfect ii - V - I, the cornerstone of jazz.
Scale Harmonization - Learn how to build your own chords from the lydian scale.
Reaching for the Unreachable Chord - No pain no gain.
The Tritone Sub - No big deal really. Ne
What is Jazz - A look at Jazz harmony. More of your questions answered.
Harmonizing 7th chords - 7th chords from individual scale patterns.
Thinking out of the Cage - Stepping out of the CAGED system.

Walking Basslines - Do the job yourself.
DADGAD - Discover this alternative tuning.

Improvisational Theory
Building the Perfect Scale - Formulas on how to make 'em and how to use 'em.
The Complete Improvisation Guide - Every trick under the sun.
Superimposing pentatonic scales - Using the oldest scale known to man in some new ways.
Intervalic Lines - Breaking the Tertian paradigm.
Open-String Hybrid Scales - Incorporating open strings into your solos.
Arpeggios - How to make them and use them. (01/06)
Arpeggios pt. 2 - Save yourself from humiliation (12/09)
Breaking Scale Pattern Paradigms - Learn new scale patterns. (04/10)
Playing Over Multiple Tonal Centers - Using cycles to practice and compose. (06/11)

Song Writing
Song Writing Primer - Step by step guide to good song writing.
What is Good Music to You? - I had to think a bit bout my answer to this question.

Modes of the Major Scale
The Modes of the Major Scale - Don't make such a big deal about it (the dorian mode).
The Exotic Phrygian Mode - Dark and moody, put some spice in your solos.
Avante! The Lydian Mode - Bright, modern and angular, shoot for the stars.
The Mixolydian Mode - Smooth and slick, jazz up your playing.
Developing a Modal Practice Routine - And a Q and A about the modes and practice.
Developing a Modal Practice Routine pt.2 - More questions answered.

Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
Introducing the Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale - Getting started on the altered mode.
The Lydian Dominant Mode - Jagged, the mode that rubs.
The Locrian #2 Mode - Just plain better than the strait locrian scale.
The Lydian Augmented Mode - The melodic minor scale's version of the lydian scale.
The Dorian b2 Mode - The phrygian scale's cousin.

Other Scales
The Half/Whole Diminished Scale - Perfectly Symmetrical.
The Whole Tone Scale - Bambi dissolves into symmetrical infinity!

For Beginners
Playing the Blues - Where it all started.
The Major Scale - Getting started with scales and improvisation.
Sequences and Patterns - Building chops using math.
Reading Standard Notation - If you are serious about being a musician, better get to it.
The Art of Practice and the Practice of Art - Your practice routine.
Identifying Intervals pt.1 - Understanding the building blocks of music.
Identifying Intervals pt.2 - On to 9ths, 11ths and 13ths.
Targeting Chord Tones - If you can't do this, you are in big trouble!

Playing For Life - Surviving as a musician.
The Soldier of Fortune - What it takes to be a studio player.
The Shapes of Things to Come - Releasing, promoting and marketing your own CD.
The Spirit of the Guitar - Where it came from and how it got here.
Where do you go From Here - What to practice and who to listen to.
Ears - Developing your greatest asset.
Recording Your Own Independent CD - "Shapes of Things to Come" Pt.2, recording.
Podcasts and Internet radio - How you can use the internet as a marketing tool.
Guitar Effects pt.1 - Effect categories, order, loops and introducing the Fuzz Box.
Guitar Effects pt.2 - Treble Boosters, overdrive and distortion.
Guitar Effects pt.3 - Modulation Devices.

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The Empowered Musician

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